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    Alright so lets start with the obvious.
    Im 18 years old and female.

    I've been to the doctors a couple of times about my .. well..big problem.
    I dont have a period!
    That is not to say that i havent had one before.

    See the thing is, i've tried just about every kind of birth control. And now they said it probably wont work for me anyways. Because when i am using the pill, instead of being regulated, I have my period for a good twenty days or more. STRAIGHT.
    So i stopped taking them the last time, and was waiting for my next period so i could start a new pill. I waited and waited..and TADA oh wait. NO PERIOD. This was probably atleast 8 months ago.

    So i go back to the doctor. They perscribe me some medication to 'build up lining in my uterus' it induces a chemically induced period. Which was about 3 months ago. But still now. No period. Nothing has changed. And nobody has anything to say to me about what may be wrong. It's really worrying me.

    Most girls complain about having menstral cramps and PMS and i dont even have the luxury to have one.. It's almost well. it really breaks me down. I'd like to be normal for once. As long as i can remember my period hasn't been regular. And i fear the worst that when the day rolls around and im ready for children, i wont be able to have any.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what may be wrong with me?

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    You could have polycyctic ovarian syndrome. Obviously, I am not a doctor and you really need to find one who will work with you to figure out what is going on. My doctor always made me just start my pill pack even when I wasnt having a period because there was no telling when I would have one so I would use protection during the first pack until I had a period. The only thing about PCOS is that typically it is very painful, but not always. You may want to search the symptoms and see if you doctor will do an internal ultrasound to see if you have cysts.
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    One time I took a birth control injection and it did make my period heavy although nothing like your 20-day bleeding. I do remember that after that, I've had months of not having period at all (when it's not supposed to happen that way). I'd say it had something to do with the pill you took, however you also mention you haven't been regular since...whenever it is that you first got your period.

    Your doctor is the best person to ask about what could be wrong with you. If your doctor prescribed you something, did s/he mention how long it usually takes for it to take effect? Because if it's something that should work within the first three months and you still don't have your period, just go back to your doc and say it's not working for you so you can change prescription or a reassessment of your condition would be made.

    Side note: I never had PMS and menstrual cramps either until I was 27. So don't worry, it could still come. :lol:

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