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XBOX Original Question?


Registered Member
Is this game good? Because i want to get this game but i dont know about it.A lot of people play this game and most of them say good,what your opinion about this game?


New Member
I really enjoyed it, possibly more than the original. What I thought it improved on the most from the original was that the universe in the sequal was much more morally ambiguous, there wasn't necessarily a clear cut "right" or "wrong" thing to do in many instances.


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S.T.K.O.R. II The Sith Lords

:) It is good game.Third person shooter role playing game.I enjoy it.


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Re: S.T.K.O.R. II The Sith Lords

Yeah, I have to agree with the first two responses. Definatly different than the other Star Wars games for the XBOX but definatly a keeper. Its just a whole different experience all around. For the price I've seen it in EB Games which I think is about $7.99 its definatly worth it.