Xbox Brand Question?



Do you guys think that the playstation 3 is going to be better then the 360? Because i don't know if i should buy the 360 now or wait for the Ps3.


The Xbox 360 innards are still being... revised, if I remember right. And supposedly soon they'll start adding something. We won't know until they do it, because it is in their interest to not let people know ahead of time. Chances are the price will drop after Wii gets out, because they'll be competing this Christmas.

I personally don't have much hope for the PS3 because they don't seem to have their act together (extremely difficult to make things for because Sony isn't making it easy for them, hardware is wierd, PS3 has been subject of plenty of hardware snafus resulting in it being very late, absurdly low number of PS3s on initial release, ect).

I think both sony and m$ fucked way up on this generation because they were so focused on beating each other they both didnt plan properly and rushed shit and had too big goals that took away from basic things that needed to work etc etc...and now wii might be better than both....i just know xbox has better games...ps3 will have better hardware...will seems to be balanced


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Probably a majority of the people in the xbox forum will say buy the xbox 360.

Ill add to the count althought the system and its game lineup has yet to impress me at all. Too expensive and the games seem too short.

PS3 looks alright but basically I will buy the 360 for halo 3 and thats why microsoft has my money.

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Man. I don't care how expensive the PS3 is, the Xbox360 can top it in anyway possible! But then again, your choice...


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Wait for a next generation of 360's. The current ones have a lot of problems and I forget where I heard it, but supposedly the next generation of Xboxes may have slightly increased capabilities because of flaws in the current gen.

In my humble opinion, fuck both of 'em. Wii ftw.