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Question question...... help avid ebayers :)


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OK, I know you cannot put outside links in your auction. But you CAN put links within ebay right? I have done this before and it never got pulled, twice actually. And I asked live help about it one day and they said only outside links are not allowed - anyone else have any other experience with this? I see so many people say it isn't allowed, yet I have heard otherwise from ebay themselves.

Like say you wanted to put in your auction, add to your item description as an update - hey also check out this auction and add it to yourf watch list *link* would that be OK?

Thanks :)


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I did that for someones auction... they didn't ever tell me specifically why they cancelled me but, I won't do that again. Of course it could have been some of the other "controversial" content too! Just be careful.


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Hmmmmm I'm so confused LOL

Cause the live help said it is fine, but really most of it is just bots. But then again I have done it twice and it was fine, also their policy only states outside links, which makes it legaly fine right there! BUT, not like they give you warning before taking it down... all they could do is say sorry afterwards. Oh well... hmmm.


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third party links in your auction are only ok if the link explains or describes the auction you've listed more or there's additional photos.

If I remember the nasty gram I got right, on that page there CAN be a link to the rest of your site, but you can not have a place on that page where they can buy the item (or others) outside of ebay.


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I get a newsletter about ebay from an outside source (a power seller) that says you can put links in your about me. You just can't put outside links that lead to a sale outside of ebay or that has contact info for them to contact you outside of ebay about buying the item. Anyway, that's what this guy says in the newletter.


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Don't start a fire, silly! Tell the story of the little old lady who crashed into her own garage and started a fire. Then sell the charred remains of something that was burnt. Split the sales with her so she can either
A. replace something that was damaged by the fire or
B. have a little extra money to take the bus!


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hehehe... glad I found your response... hehehe...


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I place a statement at the end of my auctions that states all links are not meant to support outside sales...that seems to be fine with ebay. If nothing else its an extra precation.

Is it wrong to put your e-mail link in the auction? I've also done that without a problem.
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I've never had an auction pulled for posting my email address in the actual description. Maybe I should read the TOS for once instead of just clicking ok LOL