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Question for those that know the eBay Rules:


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Here's a senerio that may materialize in the next week or so and I have no clue if eBay will kick it out. I figured someone here could tell me.
Let's say some friends and I have 4 video game systems and we want to sell them in one auction to cut my listing fees. Could we offer something like the following:

Highest bidder gets 1 unit + 1 game + 1 extra controller + free shipping
Next Highest gets 1 unit + 1 game + free shipping
Next highest gets 1 unit + free shipping
Next highest gets 1 unit

Would ebay kill this? thanks!
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I'd have to go back and read the rules, but it does seem like the dutch auction offers something similar to what your suggesting.


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Hi all. To save you time the answer is Yes they would kill your listings.. Here is part of the eBay rules on this type of auction..Hope it helps..
But when you don't know for sure abought something you can allways go the the eBay rules and reg page...

When you see a auction-type listing offering two or more identical items, this is called a Multiple Item Auction (also known as a Dutch Auction). This means the seller is offering multiple, identical items for sale. Unlike a regular eBay auction, Multiple Item Auctions can have many winners.


When you bid on a Multiple Item Auction, you specify the number of items you're interested in and the price you're willing to pay per item.

Important- For Multiple Item Auction listings, you cannot use eBay's automatic bidding system to enter a maximum (or “proxy”) bid. (For more information, see Bidding on eBay.) Winning bidders will pay a price equal to the lowest winning bid. Winning bids are selected in order of bid price per item. For example, a bid for 5 units at $12 per unit is ranked above a bid for 10 units at $11 per unit. If two bids have the same price per item, the earlier bid is given priority.

You cannot lower your “total bid value” (your bid price per item times the number of items on which you’re bidding) if you raise your bid in this type of Multiple Item auction..