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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Rebeccaaa, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I was going to bring this up in Jeanie's Hell thread, but it's possibly a little too off-topic.

    Assuming you are a believer of God.. why do you think some people find faith and others don't? What's the difference between those 2 types of individual?

    For the atheists, the answer would probably be 'depends how gullible the individual is' :shifteyes:.. so what's the theist response?

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    Here is an interesting story I heard on the subject. I'd have to ask around to hear where I heard it and validate it for accuracy and to attach a name to it, but in a nutshell it went like this.

    A lady was sitting at the subway when she heard from God that she should go witness to a particular boy. She was nervous about it and said nothing. She heard again that she needed to go witness to this boy ASAP but she decided maybe it wasn't God, and decided to sit there and avoid a potentially awkward situation. Well, the boy got caught in the subway door or something (I don't remember the specifics of what happened to him) and was killed.

    Granted, I'll have to double check some minor details of that story but in a nutshell that's the gist of it. If that story is true, we can see that the reason this individual didn't find faith (in that specific moment of his life) was potentially because this lady didn't obey the call to go and talk to him. Who knows what his reaction would have been. In the end he would make his own decision.

    I believe one of the biggest reasons that some individuals find faith while others don't is due to the fact that those who do tend to keep it to themselves more often than not.

    Here are some stats from two organizations. Campus Crusade: 2% of all American Christians share their faith on a regular basis. Promise Keepers: 90% of Christian men have never shared their faith even once.

    Now, that's one side of the coin. Then there are those who have been exposed to faith in the past and have turned it down. I believe there is more to this than simply "They exercised their free will." Most of the time, those who opt not to believe in God do so because they have a problem with one or more aspects of God. This includes having unanswered questions about God or why something was allowed to happen. Many people will seek to understand God first and know him second, as opposed to knowing him first and understanding him second. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to understand somebody until you get to know them. This is what keeps a very large number of atheists and agnostics from a desire to know God.

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