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Question for my fellow students


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How long does it generally take you to write a paper? Let's say hypothetically it has to be about 8-10 pages. Double spaced. For me, a paper like this could take an hour and a half, maybe two with no distractions at all. But if the TV's on, I'm listening to music, or wasting time online, it could take 5. :lol:


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A paper like that typically takes about me about 3 hours. When I write a paper don't have any distractions. I like my papers to be fully detailed so sometimes I do go overboard, in which my professor likes.


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3 or 4 hours, depending on whether I want to put in A LOT of effort or barely any yet still enough to do well.


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I usually write it taking much longer than needed because of music/internet distractions....if you have enough time to allocate, though, there's nothing wrong with that! I think...

But without distractions it's still hard for me to name an hour amount. In social work some papers are very subjective (and do not take much time at all for me, personally) and some need a lot of facts and research (these will take me a good, long while).


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I am not the kind of guy who could just sit down and write it in one sitting and be done with it. I get scatter-brained and distracted way too easily.

Something like that would take me a couple hours because there's no way I could just sit down and do it.


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Ideally it would take me several days, because I like to do bits at a time or I get distracted too easily by flashing lights and butterflies.

Though a shorter paper will be put off until last minute and then I have to sit down and do it all the night before. In that case, a couple hours or so I suppose. I will still get distracted and side-tracked in the process no matter how late it is, lol.


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For paper such as you describe, for me this would take 2-3 days. I will write then rewrite it many times before I am happy with it.


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For paper such as you describe, for me this would take 2-3 days. I will write then rewrite it many times before I am happy with it.
I'm glad that works for you, but I could never write multiple drafts personally. I just have my essay in a Word document and make changes as I see fit. Otherwise I feel like I'm wasting my time, but that's just me.


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It doesn't matter to me how long it is, it depends on if I like the subject of the paper or not. If I like the subject of the paper, I could probably get it done within an hour or two (I would say faster but that's because I don't really take the time or anything). If it's something I don't like, it could take me days because I could write the introduction paragraph and get bored and stop, think about what each paragraph will be about and stop..


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Unless it's high school, or an opinion paper, or something, you shouldn't be able to slap off a paper within a couple hours, unless you're counting research and prep time as separate. For me, it depends how much I actually want to write the paper; I can take up to an hour per page, especially considering that I'm a poster child for grammar nazis, when it comes to my own work.

For research and prep, though, I can take days; I like to have everything mapped out from start to finish before I even begin writing.