Question for A7X fans.


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A7X fans seem to be split of whether the heavier or lighter A7X music is the best. So, if you could only listen to One of the two, which would it be?


YouTube - Avenged Sevenfold- Seize the day

YouTube - Avenged Sevenfold-Bat Country


YouTube - Avenged Sevenfold Eternal Rest music video

YouTube - Unholy Confessions-Avenged Sevenfold(Music Video)

I myself prefer the lighter A7X, I don't know why, but I can't get into the Heavier A7X


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Thats a tough one. I can be really torn here because in General I prefer the melodic type of stuff that M. Shadows dishes out in the lighter stuff. The switches from Screaming to Singing are great, some of my favorite and I'd definitely consider A7X to be one of the Best at it.

however, their older stuff like the song you provided "Unholy Confessions" is one of my all time favorite A7X tracks. Real strong in all the aspects I look for, the vocals are good, the riffs are great, and Rev is an animal on the drums.

All in all there are probably more songs I prefer from A7X lately than when they first came out. Dont get me wrong, they started strong as a young band... but it seems to be they've grown up into this type of genre and out of the other. Gimme "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" as long as I get to keep that Album I can stick to just the lighter stuff hahahaha. I know I didnt really answer the question.


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MIA is a VERY Solid track.... again one of my favorites. Thats one of the cool things I've found about A7X, they are very like able as a Metal band or just as a Hard Rock band. Purists of the Genre's probably dont care to much for it, but I dont fall under that category fortunately.


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Hmm, no way I could pick between the two. They both have their times to be played.

The lighter stuff is good when its late at night and you just want to veg on the sofa with music on in the back ground, its also where you hear Syn's solos better I think.

The heavier stuff is perfect for putting on and listening to with head phones and forgetting everything else but the music for a while.


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Seems like they are taking a real retro path lately, since their cover of "Walk" came out it just seems like the last few demo tracks I've heard seemed as though they were trying to sound alot like Pantera. The no-album single "Crossroads" is pretty good, I like it.


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It really depends on the song. Sometimes I can go for the heavier stuff, sometimes the lighter stuff. I enjoy Scream quite a bit, it's one of my favorites, but so is Afterlife and Bat Country. I don't know if you would consider those lighter or heavier.


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I'd say I like the heavier stuff more often, but the light stuff is great too, I'm a huge fan so its hard to choose one, but like others are saying M.I.A is an amazing song, its more heavy, but the end is really awesome too with the slow end. Dear God is one slow song I love, but I guess when your got Gates rocking the guitar, The Rev blasting the drums and Shadow belting out vocals you can't go wrong.