Question. Could Hitler have made it to heaven?


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Now. Christianity would appear to be a very forgiving faith. In fact, from what I remember, you can ask for forgiveness on your death bed and all will be forgiven.

So. Hitler killed himself. Who's to say he didn't pull his last "get out of hell card"?

Would that be possible?
As I recall, isn't suicide a sin of some sort? In which case, even if he asked for forgiveness before killing himself, he would have negated that with the suicide itself.

However, if that's not the case (which is quite possible, my memory may be deceiving me), then I don't see why it wouldn't be entirely possible for Hitler to have done a little private confession thing and asked for forgiveness from God and Jesus, and theoretically he'd be in the clear.


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I though suicide was instant damnation . . . I don't know how he could have made it. Then again, heaven could be hell to someone like him, people of all races up there ya know . . .


I forget what religion it is, but ya suicide is instant damnnation. Now he also killed his wife with him, so who's to say that didn't kill each other and then ask for forgiveness with their dieing breaths. I smell a loop hole.

Also if we go by the mormon religion there is no hell, everyone goes to heaven, just different tiers of heaven.

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Suicide is not instant damnnation, depending on the situation. However, I honestly doubt Hitler was that big of a Christian anyway.


No, he only used Christianity to have a meaningless veneer of approval from God for his actions - "God wants us to destroy the evil jews, etc"

I don't believe in God but if I did: I would be inclined to say that he would not make it into heaven. If the criteria were so lax, then there would be no purpose in differentiating between heaven and hell.
read the last paragraph. If Hitler believed in what he claimed, he would have sought to bring back the Aryan religion (whatever that was).

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Hitler showed his arrogance in beliving God would want to destory his own people.


No, he only used Christianity to have a meaningless veneer of approval from God for his actions
Hm. Doesn't that sound an awful lot like a few other world leaders we are currently having to deal with? Bush says "God told me to invade Afghanistan & I did." (If our president said he got instructions from his hairdryer, we'd have him committed, but as long as it's an invisible god it's ok...?) The Iran leader believes the same thing...the Muslim Jihadists believe the same thing...

..where does it stop? Who's right? Ludicrous, and deadly.

As far as Hitler, I'm not sure he did actually kill himself - loophole, as was pointed out above. As I recall, Eva Braun and he supposedly took poison, but the insurance was having themselves shot & burned by someone else. So we would have to know if the poison did it's work before they were killed by bullets. Semantics, but the bible is full of them. According to my understanding of Christianity (which is not perfect), I think the possibility of him going to heaven certainly exists.

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No, Hitler did infact kill himself, he took the pill and shot himself with the pill in his mouth, she shot herself as well. They were burned afterwards.


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What I don't get is in Christianity it says suicide = going to hell. But it also says everyone is forgiven of their sins right? Maybe he does like the joke about buttered toast on the back of a cat?