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For those who work or have had jobs...

Did/do you work for money or is it because you think it's a great thing to do? Do you like working? If you didn't need the money, would you still work?

I'm asking this because much as there's a stereotype saying those who don't work (not earning salary) must be automatically lazy; there's also a stereotype for those who work - that they are too focused on money (aka materialistic). Isn't it not possible that some people just actually enjoy working?


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Well, when I had to work, I still always made sure to find a job that I would enjoy. Personally, I need to enjoy what I do to be the best employee I can be. Otherwise, i feel miserable and don't want to go work. So yeah, in the end, I looked forward to working. When I stopped enjoying a job, i would consider the money but I'd always end up changing jobs in order to enjoy it again.

When I didn't have to work, there were times when I did work and people thought I was insane. But really, I just find it fun. When you don't have to work, you're a lot more easy-going and people like having you around. Same thing when you actually enjoy your job.


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I enjoy my job, but then again I am my own boss and have been for 15 years now. Even If i won the lottery i would still keep on doing my job. I hate to have nothing to do.
I wasn't built for sitting and doing nothing, I was built to do stuff. The money is good but I just love the job so I realy don't care about the money. I already made enough to retire and do what I wanted so now the job is even more fun because I can pick and choose when and where I work and what I wanna do.

Now I am mainly still working to build up my boys collage funds.


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Well, I have a pretty decent job that I do enjoy, but I'd still much rather not be at work right now...gotta pay the bills though. If I didn't need the money, I don't think I'd work here, but I would definitely be doing something. I would get restless otherwise and I enjoy helping people. I also like the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something well.


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I work because I have to but I also don't particularly like my job either. I am halfway through a comp sci degree which is what I want to use. Essentially just fixing computers would be nice. If I won the lottery I still would work but definitely find a job that I like and was flexible because I just can't sit at home and do nothing. It would drive me crazy.


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i work because I love my job and I love my co-workers. Not to mention I get to get on GF. oh yeah and i have bills


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Before I started going to college, I used to work in a retirement home for old people for a while.

It started after high school, when I had to chose between going to the army for about a year, or do some "civil service" in exchange (you know, here in Germany, we still have draft. All males have to go to army for a year after school, or you can deny doing that, but then you have to work in a social institution).

After I had done my service in the retirement home, they offered me to continue working there -- with full payment. Since I had not yet completed my graduation (the "Abitur", comparable to Bac or A-Levels), I accepted.

Most of my job was distributing food and drinks to the elderly patients, feeding them if necessary, recollecting the dishes, sometimes cleaning.

It was hard work, but I enjoyed it, because I felt really useful there. And it was nice to make the poor people at least a little happy there. But to be honest, I would not have done it without payment, and I didn't want to do that kind of thing for the rest of my life, which is why I finally made the A-Levels and started going to college last year.


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My job's not incredible, but I need money for a car, so it's not something I'm going to complain about.


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I do it for the money. If I didn't have to work I wouldnt it is as simple as that. Although I have become more attached to my job I would drop it in a heartbeat if I won the lotto.