Question about Ubuntu..


The Instigator
How the eff do I get Yahoo Messenger to work? Not the stupid Beta thing, but the actual messenger. I can't find a download that works.

:DAny help?


The Instigator
I don't really have a choice. :/

This computer I'm on was getting fixed by someone and they just used Ubuntu.

Oh well, Beta works fine.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I'm not good with computers. :(

I think I have the solution...but I think it will give you a cerebral aneurysm.

1. Install libssl0.9.6 through Synaptic or
sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.6
2. Download this file from

3. In a terminal, write:
sudo dpkg -i /path/ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb
replacing path with the path to where you downloaded the file.

4. Run /usr/bin/ymessenger and follow the few simple instructions for setting up Yahoo! Messenger. An icon will be placed on your desktop.'re better off using, say, Pidgin if you want something that isn't a beta.