Question about eating lunch with co-workers

I work with my co-workers throughout most of the night and when lunch happens everybody goes outside and pretty much eat their lunches together. However, I go outside and head straight to my car to eat lunch. I find it much more comfortable, quiet, I can eat like a slob without anybody seeing and I have the option of turning on the radio. Five minutes before lunch is over I head over to where everybody is sitting and chill out with them until we get back to work.

Now, my question is this: Is it rude or snobby to do this? I just don't feel like chatting or sitting with people during my time off. I like the silence of being by myself in the car without making small talk. But at the same time I don't want to look like a jerk going to my car to eat lunch while almost everybody else is sitting together - not to mention me joining in on the conversation five minutes before lunch is over. >.<;


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Well we don't have the luxury of having our vehicle right next to where we work so if I had seen that I would have thought you were antisocial.

That being said this is a big ass hospital and there is no way to have lunch with coworkers unless you specifically plan it.


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When I worked at my old job, I would always eat in my car. It's not that the people I worked with weren't nice, I just didn't feel like talking to them every minute of my shift. But I know what you are saying, you can relax, listen to the radio, eat your food quick. :p


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Like DL said, you're free to do whatever you wish on your lunch hour. If you've been doing it for quite some time then I'm sure they see it as the norm. They probably understand you like to be alone as a lot of people do. Where I work people often shoot off on their own somewhere in their car.
I want to be alone a few times out of the week to make some calls and stuff and there's one particular guy at work who starts having a hissy fit if I don't spend my lunch hour with him and this other girl. He learnt today that he'll have to deal with it as I snapped at him!


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I don't think it's rude to eat alone. I'd probably do the same thing. You see your co-workers the entire day, so there's nothing wrong with wanting some time to yourself.


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I think you make up for the "is he avoiding us" ideas when you join them later after your lunch and the break isn't over yet. Anyway, I don't think it's rude to want to eat alone unless they paid for your food :lol:.
I eat at my desk, so I guess you could say we all eat together regardless. I don't have to do this, but I prefer it over going out al the time.
If I were in your situation Vilky, I'd probably opt for the alone time in the car as well.


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i was having this debate with myself recently. I am working clinicals at the hospital and the couple of classmates that are at the hospital all want to eat together, but they only want to eat McDonalds, and i am not one of these people who can eat Fast food everyday. 1. I don't like it that much and 2. I would gain 75 pounds in a week if I ate it everyday.

Not only the McDonalds thing, but I don't really feel all that comfortable because they talk about their kids and I don't have kids. So, I just brought my lunch with me yesterday and told them to go ahead and go without me.

I don't think what you are doing is rude though. At least you come back to see them before the break is over, so that shows you can't stand them or anything. You are with the people you work with all day, so it is nice to have a little quiet time to yourself every now and then.


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Depends on where you work and how close you are with your coworkers.

I mean if its just a part-time BS job yeah it is a little rude since probably no one cares about their job that much and socializing is important.

In a professional environment no one cares if you do your own thing.