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Queer Female Deaths on TV


I've been following this storm closely since it started, and was surprised to see Vox made a video about it. Warning video has spoilers for the TV show The 100.

Kind of laughing at the amount of salty comments from people completely missing the point here though.


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I really don't follow popular culture as such; it's just not something I hold as a high priority however in the tv shows or films I have seen that are in some way lesbian related it always seems to be hightened to a massive degree but it can also be one of the best kind of love stories. One of my favourite films is "Lost and Delirious", if you have seen the ending you know how powerful it is, if you have not I will not ruin it for you but what this film does it is truly potrays love, not just sex (though when it appeared on the "Men and Motors" channel and I know EXACTLY why it was on there) but true love, someone coming to terms with it what it means and why. This is what makes great writing and great story telling.

To use the example of Willow in Buffy she has finally come to terms with who she is and that she is comfertable with it and boom, it is taken away, her world is destroyed and so in turn she wants to world to burn, in a super natural way this really sums up I think how everyone feels after a breakup but it seems that the rules for people who are straight break up do not apply to gay people. At last not as much, there seems to be a different standard and a different reaction.

I am not sure if any of what I have said makes any kind of sense but I guess what I am trying to say is that when it comes to writing the relationships between men and men or women and women are so much more heartfelt in my opinion. When Jack McPhee finally comes to terms with being gay in Dawsons Creek you cannot help but feel for the guy because he knows what is in store for him.

I'm not sure, I am going to stop now, I hope some of this made sense...