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Quebec releases controversial ‘values charter,’


I ♥ Haters
A tiny crucifix around the neck is fine and so is a small ring with the star of David or a little earring with a religious symbol.
Ha. Haha. Hahaha!!

So, it's all fine and dandy as long as you don't have one of those icky brown religions. Okay. Good to know. Way to outright violate peoples' right to religion there, Quebec. Y'know, they wanted to be their own country, maybe we should've let them... At least that way they'd just be embarrassing themselves and not the rest of the country.

Quebec = Canada's Mississippi.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah, I don't see this holding up in court. What they deem 'overt' religious symbols are not equivalent to crucifix necklaces, etc. since these are a requirement for people practicing their religion. The Quebec government is telling these people they cannot practice their religion in Quebec essentially.


New Member
I get the government limiting regilious symbloms for employees (seperation of church and state...err province) but everything else is kinda nutty. "Sorry Mamme you have a hijab on, you either have to take that off or receive this medical care to save your life... you cannot have both". And I think it's hilarious the fact that they're targetting the charter of "RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS" haha.

Also if this passes, which it has to be a cold day in hell for it to, if this leaks into the private market sector it could give alot of ammunition for people to wrongly teriminate or discriminate against people in the work place.

Anyone else hear banjos when reading this?


The return shall be legenday!
I don't really get into political discussion as I don't really know much about it, but what I do know about this subject is, they should ban stupidity next so this lady can't go out in public no more. What a disastrous moment for the province of Quebec. They should be ridiculed for everything when it comes to this subject.


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I hate this GOD damned province. Infrastructure is pathetic, government are clueless, corruption everywhere, health care is bordering on 3rd world.
If it wasn;t for our roots, and jobs then I would be long gone.

Spoke to my daycare provider for my son, she wears a hijab. She doesn't speak a word of English having been forced to be educated in french here, and says hat she is on the verge of moving to Ontario just to get out of this place. Imagine, for4ced to speak a language and then when convenient she is being kicked out of her job because of her religious convictions. Pathetic


New Member
If you live in Ontario or NB, be glad, you're about to get a boatload of new, qualified and motivated doctors, dentists and nurses. I can;t wait til the population explosion out West forces Parliamane tot re-distribute seats in the House of Commons. THen Quebec will have less seats, less 'power' and the rest of Canada won;t give a rats ass about their separtist movement. We can esentially separate them ourselves lol. I do love the province, ite beautiful and have great friends and family who live there, but their government...gimme a break


Registered Member
Personally think this is an absolutely stupid idea but think the provincial government is moving ahead with this because its popular with the old school francophone majority. Its mostly a distraction from the reports of coruption among politicians in Quebec IMO. Make the upset voters forget how angry they are about us taking money and doing favors by picking on someone they dislike more.

I think this is a great opportunity for other places though and is why I sent letters to my local mayor, MP, MLA, head or the RHA, and the university suggesting that they should make a coordinated recruiting effort to attract some of the intelligent and talented people who will undoubtedly be looking to relocate.


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I can understand the idea about requesting government employees to separate religion from state as long as it is all religions across the board.

If they think they have a chance of limiting peoples right to religious freedom's while in a Canadian province. Good luck.

Then again... I see this as their wingnutted way to force the issue of separation. "Oh, we can not have this law under Federal laws? Fine... We will leave you"


New Member
In a recent pole it was determined that 65% of Quebec support this new law.
In Montreal and Quebec it is overwhelming no but in rural Quebec they want to keep their "pu laine"