Quality or quantity?

Which is preferable?

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(sorry Ysabel, another one)

If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and given 6 months to live, would you do all you could to stay alive..experimental drug trials, going from doctor to doctor, basically being a human guinea pig in the hopes of living a few more months.
Or, would you accept the diagnosis and make the best of the time you had left?


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I'd make the most of the time I had left. Being a human guinea pig doesn't guarantee you extra time and will probably only result in wasting what little time is left.


Son of Liberty
same here, I'd spend the best of my time making great memories with those who want to remember me. Then before its all over I'd probably go hiking on some treacherous suicidal mountain... that way if I go down on the hill then it doesnt look like I let the disease get the best of me.

Quality > Quantity.
Guinea pig.

I might get better.

If I do, they can use the cure on other people.

If I dont, they are closer to getting a cure for others.


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It depends on how much faith I have on the tests. There are several tests right now for different illnesses - some more promising than others, in terms of what they want to achieve. If I really think one could work and it's just a matter of getting the right people to agree to test it, then I'd do it. I want to show my family I tried and just didn't give up. If it doesn't work, at least I tried. :)


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I love how I said Quality but voted Quantity...stupid brain lapse.