Qualities You Look For In A Potential Spouse?


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I originally had posted this as a reply to the "Your Type" thread but the more I thought about it this is more a picture of my spouse than a "type". I figured this would make a good thread too.

For those that are currently unmarried, what qualities and attributes do you look for in a potential spouse? How flexible are you on these?

Mine in no particular order:

1. Extremely hard to get
2. Shares very similar beliefs and values
3. Unashamedly intolerant of porn and womanizing attitudes
4. Self respecting and confident in herself
5. At least some similar interests
6. Motivated and ambitious
7. Leads a healthy lifestyle
8. Is generally optimistic and outgoing
9. Loves kids and wants plenty
10. Doesn't change who she is for anybody

I could go on and on. In a nutshell, this woman is beautiful beyond words. The love of my life. :nod:

And no, I am not very flexible on these.


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I'm not sure how this thread differs from the other ones we've had over the past week. Is there a difference between what you look for in a girl/guy and what you look for in a potential spouse?

How would you define "extremely hard to get" and why is that important to you?

How many kids is "plenty?"

My list would be similar to yours. Sharing similar beliefs and values is probably the most important thing. Some similar interests as well. Gotta be able to enjoy doing things together. I definitely agree on the healthy lifestyle. Motivated and ambitious to live life to the fullest. I don't care about career ambitions.


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Well there is a different between a "type" and specific characteristics. I looked in the list of recent threads and didn't see one that really fit this.

Extremely hard to get is somebody who says no to most people and probably even me at first and doesn't have a big list of ex's.

Plenty is the word I used because I don't want to commit to a specific number. I like big families though.