QMJHL Basically Eliminating Fighting


Son of Liberty
I think I'm gonna puke. I mean if this catches on in the Junior leagues in Canada, its going to basically kill tough hockey.

Young hockey players in Quebec may think twice about using their hockey gloves as boxing gloves in the wake of strict penalties announced Wednesday to curb on-ice violence.

Hockey Quebec is targeting unsportsmanlike behaviour such as fighting, checking the back of the head and verbal abuse in the minor leagues.

Among the new rules:

* Players who fight, instigate, or jump into an on-ice brawl as a third combatant will be suspended for two games on a first offence.
* A second offence puts the player out for four games and means a trip before a disciplinary committee.
* A third offence means an indefinite suspension.
* If the fight happens in the last five minutes of play or overtime, the players involved will be penalized an additional game and their coaches will also be suspended for one game.
Quebec moves to curb hockey violence


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So we've got the no fun league with football and now hockey is trying to get rid of one of the things that separates itself from other sports...fighting. I can understand real young kids but i think if this ever happens in the NHL there are gonna be some pissed off ppl


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Well, I'm more paranoid than pissed atm. I'm just gratefull this is not in the NHL. And by the way, this all started because politicians and cops got involved with 1 big infractions because an idiot called Bobby Nadeau decided it would be a good idea to get beat up and earn himself and his team a powerplay.

Good going jerk, now about 700 players are pissed off at you.


Son of Liberty
this is horrible for the future of hockey fandom. I mean yeah there are fans out there who love the sport without fighting. I can watch a game without fisticuffs and still be happy also. But there are few moments in the sports world nowadays like a good old fashioned on ice Scrap.

There will be fans out the yin yang who will lose interest if this sort of thing catches on.