QB sneak: Romo lends a hand to homeless man


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I bet that guy would have rather had a pint of wine and a 20 spot instead of having to watch a movie while Tony Homo made passes at him in a dark theatre.


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Don't care what Romo does off the field as long as he passes for some touchdowns on the field. I've heard this story, on ESPN several times on different shows, cable news, and local news. I'm not that amazed by it.


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I don't understand how your not amazed by this story. Atheletes that make this much money wouldn't even consider doing this. The remarkable thing is that it's the second time that he does a nice deed for someone in need. Earlier this year he went helped someome that had a flat tire, he changed it for them.


A Darker Knight
That's true, but tons of other athletes do it too. Romo just happens to be a more famous one that people recognize. While it is a good deed, you can't go and make a big deal out of every one.