QB Culpepper signs one-year deal with Raiders


Sultan of Swat
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I believe that Culpepper will be the starter at the beggining of the season, because Walter and McCown aint the answer.

Hopefully this will make Russell sign with the Raiders, because I believe that Culpepper can be a mentor to this kid. I see a lot of Culpepper in Russell, both have great arms, both are big QB's, the only thing is that Culpepper was more mobile when he was younger, probably doesn't have that anymore.

Good signing.

NY Jay

Russell will probably wind up being a lot like Culpepper when he gets NFL experience soon.


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I like move. Although I think Russell is being a douche for holding out...I think Culpepper and him are very similar QBs.

It would be nice to see ol' daunte turn it around.