Q- Rich wallpaper - defining the art of dunking


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wow that's awesome my friend, great job I really like the background, and the font, I like how you took a picture of Q Rich going up for a dunk, keep up the good work 8/10


if the title is Defining the Art of dunking, i think it would have been better to put J-Rich. But its a nice looking wallpaper. Good job
Yeah, I agree... the background is really nice, but the image itself could use a little work, it's kind of grainy.


i love that pic man . i'll give a karma n points on m2 if u could give it to me :D
did u use a stock pic for bg or did u work that from scratch.
The blending of the pic is good and the font suits the whoel theme of the wall.
now the problem i see is the text. qrich defining the art of dunk ( lol )
i really like this wall and i see u put effort into it
good job might use it as a bg for now