Pyro With A Twist

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  1. Tributes: X 2
    Thelatos The FireStorm Monarch
    Buster Blader

    Non-tributes X 19
    Commando Knight X 2
    E-Hero Burstinatrix X 2
    Ufo Turtle X 3
    Tenkabito Shen
    DarkFire Soldier # 1
    DarkFire Soldier # 2
    Ultimate Baseball Kid
    Hita The Fire Charmer
    Raging Flame Sprite
    The Thing in the crater
    Gaia Soul the Combustile collective
    Invasion of flames

    Spell X 14
    Molten Destruction X 3
    Emblem of dragon destroyer
    The secret of the bandit
    Swords of revaling light
    Premature burial
    level Limt Area-B
    Tremendous fire
    Chain energy
    Mask of the asscurssed
    Dragged Down into the grave
    Dark snake syndrome

    Traps x 5
    Mind harox
    Ojama Trio
    Call of the hantued
    DNA Surgery
    Super Junior comfrontation
    The point behind this deck is to bring out buster blader and commando knight call warriors with dna surgery and have molten destruction on the field that way my monsters get a 900 bost all i need is dna transplant.
    R/f For R/f

  2. Um I don't get it DNA Surgery does sub type like zombie warrior and such.... Dna transplant does attribute like fire and water so how does DNA Surgery help your deck? also it seems to out of focus tring to combine warrior and pyro to make a deck because some of the cards aren't that great to combine like ehero burstintrix she isn't that great at all no effectlow attack.
    you need cards that actaully go together rather then tring to force 2 types of decks together.
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