Putting On Weight At Christmas


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So Christmas is upon us and most of us will probably over indulge on festive goodies.

How many of us actually put on weight at Christmas?

Do you try to avoid fatening foods this time of year and treat it like business as usual?

For me I'm fairly slim anyway, it only takes a couple of days of eating junk food and I'll notice a slight weight increase.

I really enjoy Christmas food so I usually have a 'to hell with it' mentality.

This said I will increase my fitness regime in the new year to counter balance my festive eating.
I exercise a lot less around the holidays due to lack of time and too many other things to be doing (mainly wrapping presents :rolleyes:) and eat more too so I wouldn't be surprised if I did put on weight, I don't think I've ever really noticed before to be honest.
I don't bother with trying to eat well over Christmas. I try not to let things like worrying too much about food ruin it. The 'what the hell' mentality suits me fine.


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I work out really hard pretty much every day so I'd say that there's no way that I'm gaining weight over Christmas.

I'm also dropping a weight class after Christmas since I've always been on the lower end of my weight class so I cannot and will not gain weight.


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I exercise a lot at the gym and with work so I don't ever seem to put on any weight, which is a good thing I guess.


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I've already put on some weight after thanksgiving :hah:... I figured theres really no use in dieting between then and Christmas when its only a couple pounds sooooo I plan on tacking on a few more after christmas than starting January its back on the diet. :hah: Theres simply no way I'm going to give up my holiday season eating just for the sake of looks.... thats so.... vain.


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I went on a pre-emptive diet about a week ago and have lost about two pound during the Christmas break so far.


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I have the "to hell with it" mentality, then afterwards I go on a huge diet and exercise program to lose it all.


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Last year I lost weight, around thanksgiving i gained 1 lbs but its probably back off now and I don't foresee any more weight gain as I don't do the xmas stuff except that slip up saturday for eating tons of chocolate but I'm gonna work that off this week since i'm gonna be off most of it. I just need to remember not to eat too late in the evening as that usually what does me in.


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My weight doesn't really change around the holidays. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I don't fall victim to all of the chocolates and christmas cookies floating around. Of course I totally pig out during the big meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, but three days of feasting really aren't going to make a difference since I stay active and generally eat healthy the rest of the time.