Putting animals to sleep?


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No I am not talking about sleeping methods, I am talk about putting your pet to sleep for good.

Did anyone have to ever put their animals to sleep?

I had two of them put to sleep, dogs that I love very much, and just posting this makes me think of them, it was very hard for me to handle this, because they were great dogs and love them so much.

So anyone else? If so how hard was it for you to handle?
We once had to put our dog to sleep after 13-14 years. I'd like to try summarize just how much he meant to us all but I wouldn't do him justice. The actual termination wasn't a difficult decision to make as he was clearly suffering and really had no options available to him (severe heart and lung issues) but it took some time to come to terms with it all. We lost a member of the family that day. Not seeing him running around the house in the morning, my mum suddenly stopping her daily routine of putting his food and drink in his bowls after all the years and a million other things to trigger a memory. It was tough but ultimately death stands in all of our doorways.
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Four of my cats have been put to sleep.

Was too young to remember the first time. I was a wreck when last cat that was put to sleep.


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We haven't done it although I wish it was done for our other dog (when I was a kid). I remember he was in pain but the family just waited until he died naturally.


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I have had to put two dogs and one cat to sleep due to old age and the fact that they just couldn't even move around or get to the food dishes. It killed me to do it. I had grown up with all three of them and my folks just couldn't bring themselves to do it.

I would rather put them to sleep than see them in pain or starve to death.


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I agree it's very hard decision to make, and one of my dogs could barely walk anymore, so we decided to put him to sleep, he was just suffering to much. Another one got pneumonia, and they couldn't cure it. The dog was about 175lbs before he got it, and by the time we put him to sleep he was less then a 100lbs. Everytime he ate he puked it right afterwards. It was very sad to see.


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The only way to describe it for me is like losing a family member. I was devastated. The only thing that comforted me was that he was no longer suffering.

Sitting there, with his head in my lap, him looking up at me eye to eye is something I will never forget I don't know why but I started singing very soflty to him and then he closed his eyes. It took me a while to recover from it.

There's nothing easy about it and no easy way to get over it, but I totally believe that if they are suffering, we can't think of ourselves and how it will hurt, they trust us to do what's best for them and when suffering is involved, it's our duty to put them to rest as hard as that may be.


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We had to put our rabbit down when I was a youngster. It was really horrible as we all adored her. She wasn't just cute but she was entertaining too. She was also smart for a rabbit and very big and fluffy. She once growled at a dog which came to our back gate and the dog ran off. Hahaha.


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Unfortunatly my first cat got put down about 2 years ago. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. I love him very much still to this day. He had cancer and was old. I went to school in the morning knowing that he was sick and when I came home he had been put down :( I cried for ages, that day I will admit.