Push Ups and pull ups


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I am really good at doing push ups I was wondering who else here is good at doing them?

How many push ups can you do it a minute?

How many push ups can you do without stopping?

How many pull ups can you do without stopping?


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Oooo, this is a good question!

Push Up's in a minute: About 21

Push Up's Without Stopping: About 50

Pull Ups: 5-6 each rep, I use to be able to do 10 without stopping but I stopped for a long time before continuing.



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Nice of you to answer. ;)

I suck at pull ups, only like 3 or 4.

I've never timed push ups in a minute, but I can do 40-45 straight right now. I just started working out again after being lazy duringthe summer after sports ended. Ask me again in a couple of months.


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I've done 25 push-up reps for a looong time now. It takes like 20 seconds, 25 at most. I should be able to do more, but it's like my body automatically gets tired when I hit 25. It's strange...

I think my highest was 51 within two minutes. I had 30 within the first 30 seconds, and everything after that was a struggle...


Sultan of Swat
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Well I can do 70 push ups in a minute

I can do 105-110 push ups without stopping it depends the days I guess

My record for most pull ups without stopping is 23, but my arms were dead tired after that


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I remember doing 24 pushups in health class.

I can do about 30 to 40 pushups without stopping, yet it has became extremerly hard, when i lift, my arms shake and I can hear cracking..

I suck at pull ups, I can do at least 10 without stopping.


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I can do 70-80 pushups in a minute. Don't know how many without stopping.

Last time I did pullups I did 11. I could probably do about 13 now.