Puppy Survives Toilet Flush


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This kid was washing his washing his puppy in the toilet. He decided a flush would be a nice rinse off but instead the little fellow went right down... :shocked: :lol:

I laugh because, luckily, the puppy survived. Poor thing was found in the sewer, laying in some pretty sick stuff.

Lucky dog: Flushed puppy survives - MSN Video

Lesson learned. Do not put puppies in toilets. Also, if you do put a puppy in the toilet for some reason, at least do not flush it.. :lol:


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What a shame on the poor dog!
At least its alive and well, it would be such a tragedy if it had died.

I hope the boy learned his lesson.


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I saw this on the news last night. I just really hope they gave him a good wash before they cuddled him again.


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Yeah I saw the news report yesterday, I am really happy the puppy made it out alive. It took the plumbers and fireman four hours to set him free. That's crazy.


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Wow, who thinks to put their dog in the toilet to clean it?

There's a perfectly good bathtub right next to the toilet :lol:

That's one lucky dog though, I mean seriously usually when something is flushed down the toilet it's done.


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I didnt click the link, but I think I pretty much get the gist of the story just from the title :hah: Dude that had to have been a small dog to be flushed down the toilet! lol its lucky it survived, they must have had a short septic line!


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That sounds about a thing I would do when I was a child. Give the pet an instant bath in the toilet. Just flush it and it's jacuzzi. Of course at that time, no one has bothered to explain to me yet where stuff goes after you flush them.


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I would love to know why he chose to wash his dog in the toilet. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of cleaning him?
I am glad the dog survived and hope he flushes the kid down the toilet.


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I saw it on the news a while ago; the kid was only three, or something like that, and wanted to give the puppy a quick wash-and what's quicker than a toilet flush?

I hear the family is keeping the puppy now, if i was then i'd have to give it a toilet related name for fun XD