Pupils Taught To Twitter...


Ms. Malone
Pupils will be taught to Twitter | The Sun |News

Ok, firstly what the fuck is 'Twitter'? and secondly 'huh?'

This is weird, from reading the article this sounds like facebook or something.

But pupils MUST learn how to Twitter — posting instant online updates about their lives.
I can see it now 'Randomchild: Had a maths test, dont lik math, Jamie D is a doodie-head, he hit me wit a spit ball.'

They're going to drop history about Queen Victoria and WWII for this crap! If i can pull a little off topic for a second, i heard a debate a while ago about whether or not you should force a child to wear a poppy; a lot of young people understand what the poppy is about but if we stop teaching stuff like this how can the younger generation learn to respect the history of the wars?

What's going on with our Country!?


I am the woolrus
This is ridiculous. We're breeding a generation of ignorant social networkers. This is the line that gets me:

Draft timetable plans claim pupils can do without learning about the Nazis and the rise and fall of the British Empire.
What the hell!? Yet twitter is compulsory? They have no idea what they're doing. It's a failed attempt by the school to be, ahem, 'fresh, hip and down with the kids' etc.



Ms. Malone
The British defeat of the Nazi's is probably the single most important thing to learn in history! Forget Henry and his bloody dead wives, WWII was a defining moment in history.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Now that is just the dumbest thing I have heard all week. Let's teach our kids to play on the net instead of learning their history.

You have got to be kidding me, what's next Facebook 101?


Ms. Malone
'How to Google' (lol i keep putting Goggle XD), 'MSN and You' and let's not forget 'Hotmail, G-mail and Yahoo: Take Your Pick!'

I'm voting Lib Dem, Labor's full of brain dead chimps and David Cameron is a twat.


The Hierophant
Call me crazy, but this is exactly something that the New World Order would put into motion. Attack education and you'll get nothing but drones willing to obey your every command. And it's such a small article, too.

On a related article I found it said:

Learning to blog might replace history lessons | The Sun |Features
BLUEPRINTS for a new primary school curriculum could see lessons about the Victorians and World War Two ditched as kids learn about Twitter and Wikipedia instead.

Under the proposals, pupils would be taught how to retrieve information from online blogs, podcasts and social networking sites.

In the slideshow below MARTIN PHILIPS writes lessons for Twitter, which has a 140-letter limit on each posting.

That's astounding. 140 character limit to a lesson. I don't care what the lesson is, I guarantee it'll be better if you're not stringing it down to 140 letters. And if you're going to teach kids about anything, don't let it be Wikipedia. The most un-trustworthy website that people use as fact. I hate that site. More proof that they're literally trying to dumb down the population by any means necessary.


Ms. Malone
Lol, they'll be nothing to follow; if i update it'll be something sarcastic.

But you're right, do we really need shit like this in children's education? If i was a parent i'd be having them pulled from the class.