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Punk'O'Matic 2 (Best Flash Game)


I've been having a blast with Punk'O'Matic (2). For those unfamiliar with the game it is a Guitar Hero like game with a bit of a really cheesy attempt at a storyline. But the main feature of the game is the ability to write your own songs using a wide assortment of Riffs for lead and backup guitar, drums, and bass guitar, and you can also interrupt one riff with another and of course insert individual notes and special fx as well. The versatility of the editor is really cool, and DogTek is currently working on Punk'O'Matic Pro, which drops the game elements and takes the editor to the next level. (I can hardly wait). POM2 can easily compete with some of the console games I've seen out there, but certainly not because of the graphics. :) One can also take the songs they create and port them into MP3 format with a little program available on their website.

I encourage gamers or folks who like to dabble with music to play POM2 and fiddle around. If you come up with some cool tunes, feel free to post them here.

Here's one of my favorites among my own creations called Running Prey.

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- Cham


Problematic Shitlord
I remember the first one very fondly. I never knew a 2nd one was made.

I'm going to need to try this.