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Movies Punisher: Warzone Review (Punishable by Spoilers)


Film Elitist
There comes a time when movies are expected to be bad in a sense and still bring entertainment to that part of your brain. When a movie does not have to live up to the high conventional standards that the elitists of the elite set for the rest of the industry. I read a few reviews that praised this movie for being bad and good at the same time because they believed that was all The Punisher movie needed to be.

They are wrong.

I was expecting to come out of this seeing a bad movie that had some good highlights but what I got instead was an equivalent to tea bagging the inside of a running blender.

There is nothing redeemable about this film. I've tried. I've really tried. It is legitimately one of the worst films I have ever seen. This is NOT what The Punisher is supposed to be. People have argued that Warzone was better than "The Punisher" of 2004 with Tom Jane and John Travolta. Bullshit it was. The first movie made a more than valiant attempt to characterize the Punisher in a way that didn't compromise his anti-hero quota. However a few choices made by the director caused a few scenes and character arc relationships to be a little more than awkward. That being said they did a better job than I expected to draw me toward Frank Castle and understand him as The Punisher rather than just another vigilante.

The Punisher in this movie was a drone, another mindless vigilante soldier. While in a technical sense that's what The Punisher is, what do I care? If he's just another vigilante why do I care about this story even if there is a large violence factor? What's the fucking point of me watching this? In order to keep people interested you have to give them a reason to care about something other than the obvious genre factor or the audience loses interest quickly.

They focused on the violence so much that it overtook everything else in the movie. These days violence alone can only carry a movie so far.

Awkward casting, terrible acting, very poorly written, wierd framing that really annoyed me, continuity errors in the action which really sucks even for a movie like this. If you're going to make a shitty action movie the least you can do is make sure the fucking action is correct.

Absolutely nothing about this film I can say was remotely decent. I question whether any effort was put into this. Watching this movie truly was punishment.
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