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Pullups vs. Pushups


Registered Member
Push-Up , i do like 30 a day ^^


Registered Member
Both worked, but i like more of pull up because it worked yet better to me.
I have always liked to do of it what succeed.
If some thing unsucceed you can't to pull of the wire.
nothing too by force, i just got a "headache" because i am grity lol.
So no much bench pressing, seldom.


New Member
I like pushups as you can do them anywhere. If you want a harder workout, try diamond pushups. Instead of having your hand in line with your shoulders, have your hands directly under your chest with both thumbs and first fingers touching so that it forms like a diamond shape.


Registered Member
Again, diamond pushups are not better, they just work triceps more. Put your hands far apart for more chest.


New Member
They both have their ups and downs. What lots of people don't realize is that there are also tons of variations w/ push-ups.


Registered Member
If you're going to do push ups, then why not just get a bar and do bench presses? I thought push ups were the non-gym-person's way of doing pectoral exercises. Who wants to exercise on the dirty floor anyhow?


Well-Known Member
both are pretty efficient and get you strong doing a good variety of both, but for pull ups you need to have a bar so push ups are easily considered to be more efficient.