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Pullups vs. Pushups


Food Whore
I tend to do push-ups now, mostly because i can do more push-ups than pull-ups. I have to start doing more though.


Registered Member
I do exactly the opossite Psyco..XD

i can do more pullups than pushups so i tend to do more of these instead.. .XD


Registered Member
I love pushups and hate pullups. But no pain, no gain, so I will obviously keep doing them. Just hate them like crazy.


Well-Known Member
I enjoy doing Pullup's much more, its already your set body weight your training with and the results show much more faster than push ups would. Although push ups show and define more than just one area of your body, pull-ups is more intense.



Undead Intellectual
I rather do pull ups because they work the triceps better and I use them a lot while playing baseball.


Registered Member
I don't "prefer" either, they just work different muscle groups
Well said.

I personally don't understand the philosophy of doing pullups. Whether you're trying to lose weight or build strength, they're entirely against the idea of progressive resistence training. The whole point of doing any exercise is to get your body stronger and lift more weight the more stronger you get. But if you start out as a weak fatass, then it's going to be torture to lift your own weight. And by the time you lose enough weight and get strong enough to do many effective pullups, it's no longer a challenge because you're stronger and lifting less. That's why it makes no sense. It's directly against the whole point of exercising. And you can't possibly gain enough muscle mass after having lost all your fat weight to replicate the effect of progressive resistance with that exercise. It just doesn't accumulate fast enough. There's nothing about it that makes sense. All it does is fuck up your elbows for the next exercises you do. It's best to just forget about them altogether.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I do both, and I'm pretty good at both, I can do probably 21-25 pull ups without stopping, and I can do close to 100 push ups in a minute. I started to do both at a very young age, so that's why I am pretty good at doing the both of them till this day.