*Pulls up sleeves. Alright, a few suggestions.


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1. Your anime section blows. There's about five different anime listed, and it's seperate from the Manga/Comic section, which is in the literature thread. Take Manga/Comics and whatever else it is out of the Lit section and put it with the Anime section. Make a thread for general anime, then go to some anime forums and look at a few popular anime threads there so you can add some more to your list, because frankly, it's demeaning to us anime junkies.

2. Your Literature Thread needs expansion. I'd do a section for Fiction, Poetry and one for open discussion about favorite authors, writing techniques, books, etc., but you need to accomidate people like me who post both works of fiction (Stories, screenwrites, plays, short stories, etc.) and poems (poems, rants, song lyrics, etc.) I'm a poet and a fiction writer and I like to be able to tell the difference between my threads for poems and stories, makes things nicer when we're looking at fellow writer's works.

3. Make the Introduction Section more noticeable. Not too big a deal.

4. What's this damn toolbar that's constantly at the top of my screen!?!?! It's annoying as Hell!!

5. Needs a few more skins.

Just a few touch-ups I think would be nice. If you don't like it, I don't care, just don't do it. I think it'd satisfy a lot more people looking for more organized threads. If you got a problem with me, too bad. Blame Michael_Jordan, he referred me. *Lots of love bro.:lol:


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First of all, welcome. :) Thanks for the suggestions.

1. Let us know what other Anime you want in there. Talk to Vegito here about that and we can set it up differently.

2. Probably a good idea. Something I'll look into. It could be organized a bit better, I agree.

3. Moved to a more prominent area. Should be easier to find now. Something I've been meaning to do for a while and your post made me get on it. :)

4. That isn't really needed anymore, but, it's just one of those things that nobody complained about so I didn't get around to removing it. It's gone now though. :D

5. There are plenty more skins on the way. What types of skins would you want to see?


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Lol bite me Steve. So you're Andrew? MJ told me 'bout you, more mentioned you. Thanks for scrapping the toolbar, was frustrating lol. Likin' your site. Just a few suggestions for some popular anime I think some people would like to see...

Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball *Already have one? Forgot*
Evangelion *For Old Timers lol*
Full Metal Alchemist
Gundam *Represent Gundam Wing!*
Inuyasha *Already up there*
Ruroni Kenshin *A Favorite in America I think*
(For "Fans")

A general anime+manga section would be good to get the ones I didn't cover, and depending on suggestions from the anime-goers of the forum, more could be added as we go along.


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As is the norm, is their legitimate traffic to merit such subdivision?

As for Literature, it's been overhauled recently (by myself), however if you cared to notice there aren't that many posts as their are only a few authors. I'm recruiting authors currently, so eventually we may look into subdividing it beyond literary discussion and an author's section for posting works.


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I think the anime section is fine. Did agree on everything else though.


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We do have a general Anime section. I dont know what you are talking about. More sub-divisions are not needed just post in the general section. We had more sub-divisions in the past and no one posted in them.

Your complaint fails.


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Especially after it was acknowledged by Andrew, right?:p Read my post asshole, they're suggestions. If you don't like it, i don't don't give a damn. N the reason there are no posts in the anime or lit sections are because they need work.

Your argument fails.


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We've actually done ok with the separate sections idea int he past, it's really just a matter of finding the sections that will attract enough attention to warrant being it's own little area.


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*Shrug, whatever you guys think. I was invited to the forum "to help improve the anime section" so if y'all think you've got it down, I don't know why I was recruited anyway, but I appreciate you at least being respectful Steve. Sentiments acknowledged mate.