Pulling 'Sickies'


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Do you ever pull a 'sickie' to avoid work/school for a day?

Have you ever been caught?

Yes, I have pulled a 'sickie'. I phoned my boss to say I was throwing up everywhere but in reality I just wanted to go play football with friends then go round my mates house and chill for the afternoon.

I've yet to be caught......yet being the operative word!!


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I pulled a sickie when I was really young (about 7) at school. I told the teacher I felt really sick, so they sent my dad to come and take me home. I got all the usual being sick things. Like a hot water bottle, soup, a duvet etc... but i think my parents knew I wasn't really sick. Maybe it was the whole "You aren't really feeling that bad are you?" that gave it away. haha
Apart from that I havn't pulled sickies, I'm always afraid of getting caught, plus im not really one for taking days off work or college whatever it may be.


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I use to do it all the time for school. I never got caught.

Work, I might have once or twice because of who ever the manager was working, and I've yet to be caught either.


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The one and only time I pulled a sickie. I went shopping, To my amazment i saw some work collegues. I had to lie and say I'd just come from the doctors !!


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I've called in sick many times, once was even to go see this girl I was seeing, and sometimes it's just because I didnt want to work that day. I've never been caught doing this, and I doubt I'll ever will.
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I've only ever worked one day of my life :lol: so in terms of back when I was at schoool..
Yeah I have, but never whilst I was at school so that I'd be sent home; I just use to tell my mum in the morning that I wasn't feeling well. Though, there was usually some truth in it, I just over-exaggerated.

When I was reeally young she let me stay off school if I was so 'ill' that it made me cry. haha, if I ever cried it was because I didn't want to go to school, not because I was actually ill :lol:

Having said all that, I didn't stay home from school all that much. In fact my attendance was almost 100% by the time I got in to the few final years.


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I also pulled a sickie to stay home and watch the original Pokemon Film when I was at Primary school. I was leaping round my frontroom pulling off pokemon battle moves and my mum was none the wiser!!

I was such a little rascal!!


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I did it at school all the time, especially primary school I would rock up at the office and say I've got a headache or some other sickness and they'd call up my dad who came to pick me up! Dad didn't care if I pulled a sickie, but the school never caught me.

In highschool, you don't have a choice of pulling a sickie because they won't call your parents, they just put you in the sick bay for rest of the day.


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I went through a stage last year (for about 2 months) were i pulled a sickie on either the monday or friday. Monday was due to good old monday-itis and the friday was due to thirsty thursday the night before. I havnt pulled one in a while now though...

One of my friends used to pull a sickie every friday. Her boss got pissed off and just ended up giving her that day off every week. Man do i wish i had a boss like that.


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I used to pull sickies from school a lot, mainly because I didn't like school, I was caught once which sucked and got some detention from that. These days I don't do it because I enjoy work.