Pulling Pranks at Work?


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I watch the Office (US version) and always get a god laugh when Jim is playing pranks on Dwight.

Have you ever pulled off any good pranks at work? If so is there a good story to go along with it? Do share. :D

The only prank I can think of at the moment was when I went around and took screenshots of peoples desktops (icons and all) and saved that as their wallpaper. I then proceeded to move all of their icons off of the desktop and laugh as they clicked and clicked and restarted their computers a few times trying to figure out what the problem was. :lol:


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The only silly thing i've done at work it take the keys off the keyboard and swap them around. Didn't take the person long to realise what had been done though.


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One of the things that bothered us at work when I was at a Training Department is that we had 5 phone lines ringing all the time. Some are inquiries to our program but most are people leaving messages to the trainees (in fairness, they're work related like bosses looking for something that only the one in training could help). It does cut my work rhythm. I like to concentrate when I'm working on something. My officemates can't even talk to me, even my boss (who knows that I don't like being disturbed). The phone assignment was supposed to be between the 5 staff but one day, we decided to route all calls to the only guy in the team. He didn't notice that none of our phones were ringing, just his, until all of us started laughing when he was on the phone for hours and bitching about it in between. :lol:


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Only silly little things really,I have put a bucket of water at the bottom of the ladder and watched my bosses son put his foot in it,he has done the same to me as well.

Not so much a prank more a pay back for being left to do a guys work cause he would not get of his mobile was to wait for him to put it down,then the boss picked it up and we used a fast setting apoxy resin to stick it to the sign in the workshop that said no mobile calls during work hour's.

He was not a happy chappy!.
It took him 2 hours to get the phone off the sign while we sat in the pub.


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This was not a prank I pulled off but I was there to witness it.

One of the people I used to sub-contract work from had converted one of the outbuildings of the farm they lived on into an office, also on the farm was a riding school. One of the truck drivers had waited until everyone was distracted elsewhere before kidnapping a horse from a stable and sneaking it inside the office. Boy did that come as a surprise when we walked back in!


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I cant say i'd go all out like they do on the office. But I will say that I firmly believe a good working environment requires some slight humor every once in a while to break teh monotony and keep spirits up.

Where I work we're usually joking with eachother all the time. Every once in a while someone will drop a decent prank, but nothing to outstanding. Usually they are based off inside jokes that probably wouldnt make sense even if I tried my best to describe them here :hah:


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The only prank-like thing I've ever done is taped a piece of paper to the bottom of my coworkers optical mouse and watching them try and try again to make it work. Simple but effective...

And on the day of my senior comp final I rearranged the letters of my keyboard to say "(ctrl)gail wuz her3(ctrl)"


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I'm always doing something. One of my managers plays the game. So I'll tape a piece of paper to the bottom of the optical mouse with the words, you lost, written on it. I'll do the same with the phone, tape a piece of paper to the inside of the ear piece. I'll hide them everywhere in her purse. I remember a week or two weeks ago she found one I had put in her purse in November lol I will put them in my cash drawer and other people's drawer. Sometimes I'll take the receipt paper out and put "you lost" in there.

I remember once that I put a huge sign on the inside of the mini freezer by our fryers. She was soooo mad.

Back in November, actually on my birthday now that I think about, one of my best friends at work got fired. Well, before he got fired, the manager who plays the game, myself, and him, would have water/ice fights. Once they ganged up on me and I found myself in a full nelson with cups and cups of water being poured over my head.


Oh, and another time they did the same thing, but then Fred locked me in the freezer, asshole.

To be fair, she is constantly doing that to me.


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Yeah, we'll often have a laugh and a joke. The most common is probably putting ice down the other barmens shirt. There are other 'games', like who can hold a handful of ice the longest, or who can suck a lemon/lime the longest, or other fun things. :lol:

An annoying one was when someone put ice in my tip glass. I got into work one day, reached up to the shelf the glasses are on to get my till key, and put my fingers into an inch of water. It'd been there for a few days. :-/ More annoying than funny, but meh. It's all in good humour. :)