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Pulling My Hair Out!!


Registered Member
I want to put some music on my auction. I have found tons of places that show you how to type in for sound, BUT if my sound file is on my personal web page, how do i get it to play on my auction? PLEASE I AM PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Get the URL (path) to the sound file, and then type

<body bgsrc="http://www.file/path/etc/sound.wav" loop="-1">
Ok it's not showing up... will look into the bug..


Registered Member
Dragon if you go to www.i2iauctions.com you can buy a short video and stick it in your auction really easy. Is it ok for me to post that? It's just an auction tool.
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Of course you can also use that powermix radio it is free. I tend to not wanna make my auctions to noisy or animated, sometimes easier is better.. I wonder if others have received good comments on teh radio thingy..