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Pulling muscles


Registered Member
I play football/soccer once a week maybe twice if I'm able to train but after my games on the weekend either my calves,hamstring or quads hurt alot and sometimes can barely walk.. I'm not sure why it happens but I stretch and warm up properly but it keeps happening, does anyone know how I can stop this? I want to keep training more and more but because if this I'm lucky to even play once a week.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm no expert but maybe you could do stretching exercises everyday. Also are you active other than that day or two of football?


Registered Member
I'm constantly active, ive always played sport whenever i get the chance and i used to run almost everyday before this started happening =/

Ive always thought streching was just a way of loosening up before doing some sort of physical activity but im sure stretching everyday cant hurt so i'll give that a try, thanks


Registered Member
It's just going to happen.

Make sure you don't do a lot of stretching before hand as some stretching can actually harm you if you do it pre-game/practice (something I've just recently learned is true). You could possible have a tear as well which could cause the pain all the time. I mention this because I have a torn MCL, LCL and PCL's in both of my knees and extended running causes me to have excruciating pain for hours after I'm done.