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Pujols watch


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honestly hes worth whatever he wants...

i think itll get done...nobody out there seems to think hes leaving...he'd better not be!


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Thanks for posting that Steve, great work.

I think if Ruth stayed healthy at the end of his career then he would be the best comparision. One thing that Pujols as working for him is his eye sight. He has the same eye sight that Ruth did and both are very unique and rare. I think Pujols will play well till about 38 years-old then he'll slowly start to decline. He's a gym rat and he's in great shape. I know you could say that about a lot of other players too and they decline, but Pujols just seems to have luck on his side when it comes to that sort of stuff.


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I still don't think he's worth it for ten years, though. I could see him getting $30 million for about 7 years with three option years.


Pujols said that he will not accept any trade this season. He'll either be a free agent or will sign a new contract with the Cards.
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