Puck over the glass = delay of game penalty


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What are your thoughts of the delay of game penalty when a player puts the puck over the glass?

Personally I don't like the rule, I think it's always been a pretty rediculous rule to start with. Most of the time it's accidental, I believe if they should make it a rule then treat it like an icing call. I think that's much better then giving out a penalty.



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I disagree... its not accidental.

I played hockey from mites through midgets and then at a competitive city league level. We as a team had more than enough skill to put the puck anywhere we wanted to at any given time. I could pop it straight up and juggle it at my luxury, the only time pucks went over the glass at our games or practices was when they took a wild bounce off someones face or stick.

The guys in the NHL and Minor leagues are for a certain part, playing a role. They are putting on a show and much like Spectators at Baseball games love to get foul balls... Hockey fans love getting stray pucks. When I talked to players in the WCHL and ECHL back in the day, they did admit they did that on purpose. Its for the fans, but the problem is it does slow the game up.

However, the thing that always confused me was... they whine about slowing games up but nobody ever complains when the Blue light comes on and they call an "Official Time Out" (for commercial breaks).


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I don't know exactly how those rules work, but I think it should only be a penalty if you put the puck out of play when you're in your own defensive zone.


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I guess I should of been more specific, right now it's acidental because of the new rule, obviously the players don't want to get a penalty for putting the puck over the glass.

There's already to many penalties called in a game, which slows things down in the first place. That's why I believe they should adapt the same rule as they do when you get called for icing.

Speaking of icing, it just made me think of a new thread.


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Yeah, I'm okay with it.

Obviously they aren't trying to do that but it prevents defenders from doing it on purpose.


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Yah, i know it happens accidently some times, but it's not THAT common of an occurence and it definitely keeps people from doing it on purpose. Or at least, it deters them.


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It was a penalty for the goalies long before it was ever a penalty for the players. At the very least it evens things out and when they did male the change it was becoming an issue where it was happenning enough on purpose to relieve pressure or get a change that it became necessary to start penalizing them for it. And besides it is only a penalty when it goes out clean, there is no penalty if it defletcs off another player.