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Publishing a book


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Nice. I have never published any books.. or tried to for that matter, but I think it's somewhat hard to do.

Maybe try contacting some publishers and ask them what information and materials they would need from you in order to move forward?


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The best way is to search for publishers and send them a transcripts of your book. Hopefully someone bites.

Sadly, that's how publishing works.


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Dragon, before you waste your time sending the script out to publishers who may not even be accepting them at this time, go to your library and get the International Literary Marketplace (I think that's what it's called) it's put out annually and lists the names of publishers accepting manuscripts, and what type.

Be sure you read any and all specifications they may have, otherwise it won't even be looked at. There are also many, many online publishers who are more willing to give a new writer a chance.

Good luck!


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What you really need to do if you want to have something published is contact an AGENT, not a publisher. Getting an agent is hard, but it's the best way to sell a book. Most publishers won't even look at an unsolicited manuscript-- only one from an agent. This really really narrows the field of the places you can submit your work without one. For a good site on the whole process of finding an agent, check out this site:

Miss Snark, the literary agent

Miss Snark is an agent and gives the lowdown on the whole process. Beware, though: she's MEAN. :)


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Getting an agent is a good idea, though for a children's book, I bet it is more acceptable to go straight to publishers. If you're talking about kid's picture books, not young adult novels.
Miss Snark is very helpful.


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Small presses will read manuscripts without agents. They will also really work with you to put out good stuff and try to keep you as a writer.

Query first, unless their guidelines ask for the manuscript.


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Always aim high, that's what I say. Why go for a small press when you could possibly be getting a BIG advance and nice royalty checks :)


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Always aim high, that's what I say. Why go for a small press when you could possibly be getting a BIG advance and nice royalty checks :)
... And whatever you do, watch out for the vanity publishers. :shake: Authors do not need to pay to be published. Research any publisher you want to do business with... check them out on the 'net and you might be surprised (and very glad) that you did because the vanity publishers usually have bad reviews on them on the web .