Public Washrooms?


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I was wondering if it bothered you guys or girl using Public Washrooms? It could be either from a Restaurant, Grocery Store, The Mall ect. Or you'd rahter wait till you go home or a friends house?

Personally I don't mind using Public Washrooms, except if I notice their really dirty I'll just wait till I find a washroom somewhere else and if I'm really desperate since I'm a guy I'll do it in the woods if there's no where close.

What about you guys and girls?


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I'm usually a really picky bathroom person. It took me until sometime this year to really use the school bathrooms, and that's probably only because there's so many of them.

It's not just the toilet being dirty that bothers me. It's the entire bathroom environment. It it reeks before anything's been done, then we have a problem.


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I don't use them unless I really have to. The funny thing is that at our office nobody likes to use it. It is always dirty. Don't know who is doing it because we don't have any of our customers use it. It is dirtier than a bars bathroom...disgusting.


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I don't mind Mall toilets and all that, but public toilets, no thanks. People just piss around the fucking bowl and it pisses me off.


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Yes it bothers me, a lot more than the majority of people. I avoid using (or even going in) them like nothing else.

I have to be dying to actually use one, which is saying a lot. To avoid such things I usually don't get any drinks until later in a day of classes.

Truthfully I don't even like using friend's bathrooms. I prefer to use the ones in our house.
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If I can wait until I get home no way I sit in a public restroom, but the places I have took a leak, especially at crowded events like concerts, races, sporting events the men's room is a long pee pan urinal where you wait for one to finish and squeeze in where you can when that has been full and 6-7 beers on pressing the bladder the sink has been fair game.
I'll wait till I get home.

I hate, though, when I go out with somebody and once we get to the mall they INSTANTLY need to go to the bathroom. WTF? Couldn't you have done that BEFORE we left? It's soooo annoying.