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Public Storage Auctions


Storage Auctions-Information for Auction Buyer's, Storage Owner and Operators

Basically, they hold auctions on public storage units that have been unpaid or abandoned. From what I heard they can go from $75-$300 per unit! It's a risk, though, since you never know what you're going to get. A mystery unit.

Once my aunt got one and when she opened the unit she found A GUN! I don't know what she did with it, but wow. I was really shocked at that. My dad and uncle also got one once. Nothing too interesting in that one, though.


The Original Kiwi
Ok Vilky, I like you, but a gun? Come one, that's no big deal. While I'm wondering why he had it stored in his unit and not in his house (unless it was obtained illegally), there's no reason he can't store it wherever he wants.

Now illegal drugs, a dead body, a ferrari, those are interesting things to find.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

I have attended several Storage auctions. You are right they are a hit or miss kind of thing.

I have had some good luck on a few different PS auctions. I got over 500 golden Age comics that way..Saved myself mad cash.

I have seen people get cars, motorcycles ,ATVs ,Guns the best one was a huge safe that was crammed full of old gold jewelry and such.

The most I will spend is 75 bucks, but I have found an even better way to do PS auctions..Don't go in the summer (unless the auction is being held on a Hot day or a rainy day)
I get the best results on cold rainy winter days . There less people at them in the winter and even less if it's raining.

Now as far as the clean out some places only give you 24 hours to get the storage unit emptied the good ones give you a week.
If you go to PSA in the winter you will cut your cost bu 35 to 50% (due to the fact of less buyers)

It's also a way to find things you never wanted to see or let the light of day see. :-o :lol:
Oh yeah it can also be a messy job cleaning out all the left behind treasure/trash.

I'll keep on attending them for as long as I have the extra cash or my wife tells me to knock it off.