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Public or Private?


what? no pink?
ok so if money wasn't an option, would you rather have your kids in public or private schools?


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I would rather have them in private school. I went to a private school for high school and I was glad that I did. I think that the private school is better because they tend to be smaller than public, have smaller class sizes with a better student to teacher ratio.


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If money were not an issue, I would definitely go for private school. No question.


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I agree with private. Public schools nowadays are not exactly looked upon as great learning envoronments. Then again that's not saying any given private is better than any public. I tend to think private is going to get your kids a better education though. It won't give them the street smarts though since it is kind of cut off from the mainstream.


what? no pink?
right, I send my daughter to a private school. It's something that I cannot afford to do on my own. I had a friend help me with tuition this year( kindergarten) and I had no idea really how I was going to continue her on. Luckily right after christmas I took a job there. the money that I make just pays for her tuition. I really don't care though, as long as it enables me to keep her in that school it's all worth it. I agree with Andrew though, not all private schools are alike, you need to do your homework. This school though I absolutely love. I began looking into it and visiting there when my daughter was only 2. Getting to know the teachers and principal. I like the fact that the class size is very small (average is 8 students) and the kids get more one on one with the teachers. my plan is to keep her in this school and have her graduate there. I will do everything I can to keep her there, because the experience that I have had in the past with public schools made me decide to put her in a private school. Anyway I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on the subject : ) I would also like to mention that this school is ahead of the public schools here, the kids that come into the school from a public school always test at least a grade behind. my daughter is already reading and doing adding and subtracting, which is something I don't think I started at least until second grade lol

As far as street smarts, I'm not to worried about that. I've got a pretty big family with lots of kids. I think she will pick some of that up LOL
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Private school. Public school has nothing to offer students that private school either doesn't have or doesn't have better. All that public school has is a higher fatality rate, higher pregnancy rate, higher dropout rate, and higher "everything that you don't want in a school" rate. There's absolutely no reason to do it if you have an option for better.