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When reading a book do you ever get any from the Pubic Library? Do you buy them from the store?
What kind of books would you check out or buy? Even include magazines.


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I used to be an avid reader, now all my reading is online unfortunately. I used to borrow from time to time. Last time I bought a book was an autobiography of Tim Cahill the Australian soccer player. I'd always check out mystery type novels, and fantasy stuff also.
I volunteer at a local public library. And they always have a basket full of magazines they want to get rid of, even though the magazines are not old and are fairly new. I take them home and read them some.

They have magazines such as Web MD and Time Magazine.


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The library is awesome for audio books too. I do not go often, with the kids grown. I tend to buy books often - right now about 50-50 paper vs ebook.
I used to visit the local library daily back when I was younger. I loved to read and that's where the cute neighbor twins hung out. Seemed like the smart place to be. Haha. I don't think I have set foot in that place in 15 years, though. And why would I? I have a Kindle and Amazon at my finger tips. And the twins are long gone.


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I haven't visited the local library in years. I do most of my reading online anymore. What little I do, these days I'm too busy to do much reading. I've been giving away magazines to the local doctors and dentists offices. For some reason my son started getting them for no reason. Good magazines I just don't have time for them.
I have purchased books from the store more than once.

Most books that I buy are textbooks, not novels (although I do have a few Chicken Soup For The Soul books, as I sometimes like reading short stories).