Psyco Under the Microscope

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j0 d00d it's your turn!

So, what's your most embarrassing moment?


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Re: Psycho Under the Microscope

YAY! Its my turn!

Hmmm... most embarassing moment? OH LORDY. It would probably be the time i mooned the entire camp i was out, during a swimming event. I was about 11 at the time, and my group needed one more guy to do this "IRON MAN" competition. Well, my bathing suit wasn't too tight, and it kept sliding down whenever i pulled myself out of the water. I mooned everyone a few times, without realizing it. TO this day, i still have a few friends who won't let me live it down.


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I see your title says food whore. What is your favorite dish ever? what is your favorite sweet treat? how many donuts can you eat in one sitting? what is your favorite thing to pig out on until you just can't move?


Food Whore
Hmmm.... My favorite dish ever.... Thats a hard one. *thinks* Well, my mom makes a shrimp scampi that is to die for... And one restaurant by my house makes the best chicken parmigiana... So I'll have to go with those two.

My favorite sweet treat? Excluding candy, it would have to be home made cookies.

The most donuts that i can remember eating at once was about 4. (But they weren't all for me.)

Favorite thing to pig out on? Goldfish, popcorn, pizza (all kinds), and fried calamari.


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How old are you?

Where are you located?

Favorite movie/book

Boxers or Brief (Commando?)

Coffee or Tea?

Steven Colbert or John Stewart?


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I am 20, and currently residing in any-freakin-place-but-home, NY. Favorite book would be The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (the entire 5 part trilogy) Favorite movie would probably be 28 Days Later.

Hmmm... Boxers, Coffee, and Jon Stewart.
Anyone have any more questions? (someone must have something.)
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I listen to mostly metal/hard rock and electronic/techno. I do have a few songs/bands from other genres that i listen to though.


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Alright, lemme dive into my music collection....

Boards of Canada, BT, Anamanaguchi, Aphex Twin, Crystal Method (some of their stuff) and a few others that cross genres. And Familjen, which is currently my favorite. (I need to hit up the record library at my radio station and get more)
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