Psychology is Bullshit

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by PhoenixOverdrive, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. PhoenixOverdrive

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    And it's about damn time someone pointed it out.

    I've been thinking a lot about religion recently, and I began to wonder, again, how so many people can be stuck in such circular systems of beliefs and logic, and pledge their lives to something that's probably mostly built on lies. And often obviously so.

    Then it hit me. Psychology is not only built on the exact same system, it's absolutely the most believed in and practiced of all religions! Plus it's so good the people at the top of this field believe it totally themselves!

    Imagine a world where people believe they have this thing called 'personality' which is 'fragmented' because of 'arrested early childhood development' and need 'catharsis' to leave way for 'ego-strengthening' and that you must find the 'ideological root cause' of this 'complex' so that people can 'self-identify'. We've tried insight therapy for over a century, and it doesn't work. "If you know the cause of your problems, they'll magically vanish" has been the proponent of psychoanalysis for ages.

    If you consider that the great figures like Sigmund Freud and Fritz Perls were always on drugs, and translate theories into plain English, you'll realize who the real schizophrenics are. I for one know that I have never been sexually attracted to my mother. If I examine my childhood, by any record I should have been someone completely and utterly different from who I am now.

    Besides, I change that at will now. Do I feel bad about my past? Nah, I fixed that in 10 minutes. Am I ever depressed or 'feeling blue'? Nope, not since I fixed that too. Do I ever worry about anything? Yeah, like "Where can I do some good for people?" Do I ever encounter any problems that affect me on a psychological level? Yeah, it's called 'life', but I deal with it faster than anyone can believe. How is my self-esteem? Bwahahahaaa!

    And I did it all with three techniques, and I still have a LOT to learn. They have no basis in psychology. It's not new-age voodoo either, though I think they're closer to the mark than the esteemed 'social science' is.

    Basically, there's very little in the realm of psychology that isn't complete psychotic invention. The human mind ma be infinitely complex, but the way it works is simple. Simple and readily observable and testable, with immediate results.

    As a side note, I'm not saying the whole field didn't come up with good ideas. The concept of the unconscious is wonderful, and observable. The labels are overabundant and idiotic, though. How the fuck can you be passive AND aggressive at the same time? How can I be an A and B personality, introvert and extrovert, creative and logical, etc, at once, on every stupid test I've taken?

    As to what inspired this rant/thread, I hate the idea that so many people who suffer from 'mental illness' aren't getting REAL help from people with real skills, and the thought that I wasted so many years over what seemed like the only path to helping these people.

    So there you have it. This rant is now open for comment, but you'd better agree or your id will do terrible things to your ego, and your superego will sit this one out.

  2. Nevyrmoore

    Nevyrmoore AKA Ass-Bandit

    Quick question, out of simple curiosity - are you a scientologist?
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  3. PhoenixOverdrive

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    I was expecting that one... No, and my official opinion is that they should be re-educated and, failing this, shot. There are enough pyramid schemes, crazy cults and alien fanatics out there. Removing souls of angry aliens from your brain with psychokinetic powers is not the answer either.
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  4. Merc

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    So basically you have a problem with everything that can't be proven or is theoretical?
  5. Jeanie

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    You clearly don't know much about psychology. You're only talking about one of the six schools of thought in psychology, psychoanalytical psychology. You're completely ignoring Cognitive, Behavioral, Gestalt, Humanism, and Existentialism.

    Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral psychology can be very beneficial, especially to individuals experiencing anxiety and depression issues. It focuses on identifying faulty thought processes and behaviors that lead to those thoughts, and changing them/replacing them with more logical and realistic thoughts.
  6. PhoenixOverdrive

    PhoenixOverdrive Registered Member

    I have a problem with two things:

    1) Theories that are based on absolutely no hard facts and are the crazy invention of literal crackheads.

    2) People using methods that don't work over and over when there are other things that do work. Why use square wheels now that we have round ones?

    Especially when millions of lives are at stake.
    I'm laying out the more known one. I rather liked the behavioral school of psychology back in the days because the results were observable and were reproducible. I've studied the field in-depth, and talking about all the major schools would take forever.

    Cognitive and cognitive-behavioral therapies are only efficient by the standards of the field, i.e. they work sometimes, after a while. I can obliterate anxiety in people less than three minutes.
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  7. Jeanie

    Jeanie still nobody's bitch V.I.P. Lifetime

    I'm willing to admit that Psychology is by no means a hard science, but to dismiss the entire field as complete bullshit that does no one any good is completely wrong.
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  8. PhoenixOverdrive

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    I like to dismiss Christianity because it's been easy pickings, and the whole mess is... Well, a mess. But there are some concepts that are good to keep around, like helping one another out of sheer goodness (says it in the book, anyways).

    Same goes for psychology, but I wonder how all these therapists and researchers can't do anything dramatic with someone who's depressed except drug them, after over a century of research and 'observation'. The unconscious makes sense, the neurological studies that ensued are pretty much the only part that's hard science, except for drug studies.

    So no, it can't be ALL crap, but the practitioners have nothing to show for this vast body of knowledge.
  9. Merc

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    It's certainly a field that needs a lot more scrutiny than it gets, that's for sure but you're coming off as slightly arrogant and incredibly closed minded.
  10. PhoenixOverdrive

    PhoenixOverdrive Registered Member

    Haven't seen anyone cast off their years of laid-back indoctrination yet. I've been on both sides already.

    And yes, I'm arrogant, and in two ways. One, I appear to be stuck in my ways simply because I've studied psychology more often and more passionately than I've wanked off, and tried everything on myself and the people around me with no results, and tried everything else with either better or amazing results.

    Two, I can do things no psychologist can do, with minimal skills, investment and time, and this without needing to know the details of a problem. No need to prod people's childhood or sex life. No need to hear them whining for hours every week for five years. Permanent, instant change.

    And heck, I'm always arrogant. I tried humility for far too long. It doesn't pay off and it doesn't keep arguments flying all over like this!

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