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So im thinking about finally getting a PSP, is it worth it? should i get it? and, what games do you suggest? the type of games that i like, are the zelda series, resident evil series, junk like that.


I don't like the PSP. My friend let me borrow it for a couple of days, and I lost interest after about 2 hours. It was an upgrade over a game boy, but not really impressive. That games were alright. However you might enjoy it.


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So im thinking about finally getting a PSP, is it worth it? should i get it? and, what games do you suggest? the type of games that i like, are the zelda series, resident evil series, junk like that.
Well, obviously there isn't and never will be a Zelda game on PSP. There's also no recent news of a Resident Evil game on PSP, although there is some speculation that a Resident Evil: Survivor title is coming next year.

Best bets are the GTA games. The PSP really doesn't have much to offer at the moment. A lot of people use them for homebrew and emulation though.


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I am also saving money for a PSP, I have played it before and I enjoyed it. It is interesting, The games were awsome.

Yes, It is worth getting a PSP. It is not bad at all.
I thought it was worth it, but then I got one...used it every once in awhile but eventually it gathered dust. I still have games and might get another one...but only for MP3 use...


Depends on your perspective. There aren't that many great games for it out right now, with GTA, Lumines, and the Metal Gear game being the only real standouts on the system I can think of offhand. It does have massive emulation/video playing capability, etc, if you're interested in that. The bad news if you want one is, due to its lack of quality games, high price point, and Nintendo's previous handheld track record giving it a default fan base, it is being obliterated in sales right now by the Nintendo DS, which, coupled with the launch of the PS3, makes me wonder how long Sony will stick with a currently failing product. In other words, it's just a feeling, but I don't know how long a shelf life the PSP will have at this rate, and my guess is about a year or so.

Anyway, some pros and cons...

Pros - Capable of producing graphics close to PS2 level on some games, great multimedia capability, great emulation capability.

Cons - High price point on the system and games, not very many standout games out for it at the moment(and it's been out for nearly two years in the US), might not last much longer

I would get a DS instead. There is a remake of the original RE already out on the DS, and a Zelda game for DS will be out in March.


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Ahh ok, thanx for the responses. I know that zelda isn't out for it haha, i meant related games, but yeah.

I looked at the list of games for the PSP and I didn't see any that I really liked, but I don't really know what to ask for for Christmas, so I'll get it anyways, the DVD stuff is killer, if i can watch spongebob on a 1 inch screen (mp3) then i can watch stuff on there.


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The PSP in my opinion is crap. Lots of games that don't do well with the control setup, or portablly in general. Basically no RPG's. Lacks the creative motivation of the DS, and Sony will probably have to thrust more money into the PS3 to keep it up.

I have one game I like for it: Lumines. Everything else I've played is sub-PS2, in many cases sub-PS1 pre-Dual Shock. Skip it, it's a waste of money and time.


I would get a PSP. I had one but it broke. It fell from the second floor. But amazingly it turns on but the LCD screen broke. But back yo the topic, you should get a PSP. A good variety of games such as MGS Portable Ops, Killzone Liberation. Lumines and other great games.


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Considering how much better the great majority of games are on the DS, and the fact that a Wii is only mildly more expensive, the PSP has been pushed out of a legitamite gaming market.