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PSP PSP v3.00 will feature PSone emulation!!!


Registered Member
Sony has officially declared that PSP firmware v3.00 will feature built-in GPS capabilities, Sony Mail (email other PSP users!) an RSS upgrade, etc. But the most important new feature of all is a PSone emulator!!! :-o I don't know about you, but the idea of playing Metal Gear Solid and FF7, along with many other Playstation classics, whenever and wherever I want is a crazy awesome prospect to me. And you gotta believe that the emulator is gonna be spot-on quality, without the graohical glitches and lag we've come to expect from emulators, if just because it's being made for the entire popuylation of PSP owners, by a huge mass market company, and there would be no problem for them to implement it, whereas the dedicated coders of the world have to spend countless hours bypassing security. A european game magazine expects the firmware to launch in November 06, right alongside the PS3! How cool is that! :D Not sure whether Sony was planning this all along or they're doing it in response to all the homebrew/emulation that's been going on with the PSP, in an attempt to draw people away from it and also increase the popularity of the PSP. Either way, I'm really excited for this! I wonder if the emulator would allow Wi-Fi multiplay (or even infrastructure!)for some PSone games like Tekken 3, Medal of Honor, Crash Bash; Hey, maybe they could even implement co-op into
Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter! :D Holy crap, this could be huge!
What do you think?