PlayStation 3 PSone Classics

I was just roaming around the Playstation store today and was looking through all the PS1 games they had. $6-$10 is a great price for some of these old games, that are either hard to find or are usually pretty scratched at this point in time.

For around $22 I can get the first three Resident Evil's (which I will be doing sometime in the near future).

I also want to get the original Silent Hill and maybe FFVII.

My question is, have any of you bought any of these classic games? And if so, which ones?

I just wish they could've somehow updated them with trophies. Haha.
Yeah, Dino Crisis might be another one I'd look at getting. I really liked that one, almost as much as I did the sequel, and completely different.


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I still have my old PSX and the classics like Dino Crisis 1 and 2, ha. When I saw that FFVIII was up, I was seriously tempted to pay for it on my friends PS3. :lol: I have thd first game, but I am missing the first disc. It sucks because I could carry on from my old saved data, but I haven't played if in about 6 years, so I have no idea where I am, what to do, or even how to play properly. :hah:


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I grabbed FFVII for hrm... around $8.00? It is absolutely amazing xD So many memories from when I was little, it was the first game I really remember vividly. Right after Paperboy =P

There's 80-ish hours of gameplay in that 8 bucks.


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It sucks being in the United Kingdom when it comes to PSN game releases. Japan's store is huge, and even the USA's has an average catalogue.

Was everyone that bought from there ultimately satisfied? I am weighing up whether to do it, as I have lost a lot of my original games. =(


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I have some ps1 games yet from back then. From the ps1 i just want the FF series, which will be complete now that FFIX was announced, I also have vagrant story...all that's left is Chrono trigger and cross, legend of Dragoon... and thats it i guess.