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PS3 or Xbox 360?


New Member
Can someone please list the pros and cons of both? I'm very confused. I'm not a gamefreak or hardcore gamer like most of you I just want something with good graphics and memory for when I do play video games and I'm really confused as to what system is better and what features they have. Thanks.


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We really know nothing of the PS3 other than rumoured facts.

All we know is that the Cell chip could not only change gaming but electronics in everyday life.

Differences of online play of 360 vs PS3. With the 360 the more people that play in a game and the more things that are going on, the more lag it creates

With the PS3, because of the cell chip, the more people and things that are going on in a game online the faster it goes and you have no lag. It truly is an amazing chip and piece of hardware that could be unlike anything seen before.


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Lag is when the game slows down because there's too much stuff going on. It's a troublesome thing that affects many games. It annoys the heck out of almost everyone. Which is one reason why the chip is so good.


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I say xbox 360, everyone says its better. Also, the PS3 is going to be SO dang expensive, there is no way I could afford that. My preferences for next gen gaming,:
X-Box 360
Nintendo Revolution

*No way Ill ever buy this though.


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I'm buying a 360 and nothing else. I dislike Sony's controllers and the only games they have that I'm even remotely interested in are on Xbox.

I quit buying Nintendo a long time ago. It was fun for it's time, but I think my tastes have matured and Nintendo is still kiddy.


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Well I think it is early to tell. Ignore the tech, the numbers, the hype... all of it.

All 3 consoles will play online, that is not a factor in choice.

It comes down to the games and such. Do you HAVE to play GTA as soon as they come out, rather than wait until they come out on PC or Xbox? Do you live for Metal Gear? Then PS3 should be a very real choice for you.

Is Halo your game of choice? Have you been a life long fan of DOA? Do you just like the style of gaming that Xbox offered (imo xbox was more of a gamers console than the ps2)? Then 360 could very well be for you.

As for Revolution, you didn't ask about it, but Nintendos games are far more established so I wont waste time by listing them.

Then there is price. At the moment it looks as if Revolution will be the cheapest, 360 will no doubt be in the middle (after being out for a while by the time the) PS3 comes out for a massive price tag (that you will need to "start saving" for.

Of course you may want your console NOW. In which case, 360 would be for you. What is better, spending 7 months thinking about which console to buy, or spending the next 7 months with a console that is still new, with the possibility of buying another one in a few years?

Controllers, they say the 360 controller is the best conventional controller ever, and I don't doubt that. I say the Rev controller will be for games what the mouse was for computers (well, bigger than that. The PS3 controller is a bit of a joke, they say it is as comfortable as "holding a steering wheel", but who holds a steering wheel with two hands when they drive? No one I know. But Sony wouldn't of made it if it didn't work, so I am sure it will work just as good as the PS2 and PS1 controller.

Forget the specs, put them out of your head, it doesn't matter, they will never matter. They don't process the amount of fun or value you get. The games do that, and all the consoles will play all the games.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
dk_rare said:
All 3 consoles will play online, that is not a factor in choice.
First of all, good post. I agree with pretty much everything you said. However, I do think online play is a small factor in deciding which console to buy. Xbox Live was lightyears ahead of PS2's online service and we'll have to see if Sony can narrow the gap there a little with PS3. If online gaming is a big deal to you, then the services that each console has to offer should definitely be considered. But you're right, ultimately it comes down to games.


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Buckeye101 said:
Xbox Live was lightyears ahead of PS2's online service and we'll have to see if Sony can narrow the gap there a little with PS3.
Yeah, ps2 was hardly "like jacking into the matrix" *snigger*, a person by the name of Ken said that before the PS2s launch : ) But I am just assuming that Sony know that they really messed up online gaming with the ps2 and will do their best to make up for it with the PS3. Nintendo have also already stated that now is the time for an online Nintendo console, wheras in the past they were always afraid that it wouldn't be a financially viable option for them. I can't see any of the 3 messing up online play, but you are right that it is still an important option and at least we know that Xbox Live works, and is here to use right now, not late 2006.

EDIT: Won't let me write s n i g g e r, hmmmm