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PlayStation 3 Ps3 less powerful than Xbox 1


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My uncle works for sony, and he told me that the ps3 is les powafull then the xbox1. the powa chip is way worse and so is the graphix card.

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I don't know if this is true or not. Does anybody have any links to the list of specs for each of these systems?

It seems like the original XBOX would not be more powerful than the PS3 but either way it's safe to say that the PS3 utilized its' power much more efficiently than the XBOX. That's why it costs $600 right now and the XBOX is around $100 or less used. :)

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Ohhhh, here's where my specialty comes in.

My uncle works for sony,
No, he probably doesn't. Sony is a huge global corporation with dozens of subsidiaries. Could he work for Sony Computer Entertainment? Maybe, but not likely since it's a primarily Japanese company. Even if he did work for Sony, he probably has nothing to do with video games, or consoles.

he told me that the ps3 is les powafull then the xbox1
Really, he did? Let's see here:

PS3 - 512 MB of total memory, shared with the GPU, a 550 MHz GPU, based off of NVIDIA archetecture, full HDTV support, support up to 7.1 TrueHD sound, and 802.11 support.

X-Box (not 360, since you specified it was the origina0 - 64 MB of total memory, a 233 MHz GPU, and basic HD support. I can't find sound, but it's either stereo, or more likely a 5.1 Dolby Decoder.

the powa chip is way worse and so is the graphix card.
What the hell is a "powa chip", my friend? And the graphics card doesn't exist, since its not a computer. Look above where I highlighted GPU, that's Graphics Processing Unit, or the video capabilities of each. Also, if by "powa chip" you mean processor, the PS3 has seven 3.2 MHz cell processors vs. the X-Box's 733 MHz custom Intel Celeron. No, it's not faster. Lack of a L2 cache really hurts the chips performance in anything that holds the damn thing.
thanks- my first post be nice!
Welcome. And I was nice.