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PS3 gamers appreciate art more than Xbox 360, Wii users


AKA Ass-Bandit
I'm glad I read through this thread and someone completely ruins a game for me. Thanks Ziggy, now I won't have to even try Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 out.
If you're talking about his "nuclear explosion" comment, that happened in #1.


Yeah my bad.

Didn't think it was a big deal since the game came out in 2007. I'll make sure to wrap that stuff in spoilers.

But yeah I wouldn't say that COD is art.


Haters gonna hate.
I was about to say. That was def. in a previous game before MW3
CoD 4

Art is different than good storytelling. A good story has strong characterization, emotion, etc., but art has deep themes, symbolism, and identifiable characters.

That's at least how I see it.


Living on the 0th floor
I am a 360 girl. I have owned PS3s, but I just could not get into them for some reason.. This may just relate back to the fact that I had my 360 first, so that immediately became my "baby."

I suppose I do fit into this guy's stereotype because I don't care too much about the art of the game. However, I don't fit yours. I play significantly more single player games/spend more time on campaigns that I do in multiplayer matches. I definitely do play the multiplayer modes on most games, but not all that often. I mostly play games to relax and I find multiplayer usually leaves me feeling a bit high strung.

My boyfriend fits into his stereotype though, as do most of his friends. They are graphics snobs and won't typically play games that look to kiddish or outdated.

Now, as far as PC goes... I almost exclusively use it for multiplayer gaming.